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     Simply submit the form to start the registration process for your team. It is VERY important to inlcude a working cell number and email address in order to contact you (i.e., sudden change of schedule).

     Take advantage of the most secure and safe method of online payment using the PAYPAL "Buy Now" button above.


When does the play-clock stop?

The tournament play time is on a running clock that will stop at the two minute mark in both halves. SEE MORE RULES AND REGULATIONS HERE

What is the format for this League?

3Pointplays Basketball Tournament is $650 per season with no additional court/gym fees.  Your team will be scheuled to play 10 games.  Uniform shirts are included for your 10 man roster. The league follows NCAA rules with some modifications. You will have time to play, sweat and score during the 20 minute halves.

How much are the Ref fees?

The ref fees are $50 per game. Our refs have over 30 years of experience throughout the city and state--from your high school days, to the legendary Rucker Park, to the NCAA college level.

I have never registered/coached a team in this League before. Where do I begin?

Simply register your team using the form provided on this page.  When we announce the start date of the tournament, you and a guest will be invited to our Pre-Season "Coach Meet and Greet." You will have a chance to introduce yourself, meet other coaches, discuss the leagues rules and regulations, so you can relay the information to all of your players, while enjoying appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages--all complimentary of 3PointPlays. See photos

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 Full payment $650


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