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Tournament Rules and Regulations


Please read and follow rules and regulations of our tournament as it is important to relay them to your players.


Players on the Court

-A game can start with four players with the understanding that the 5th player is running late and the late player will arrive by half time. If the late player fails to make it on time (Half Time) the game will be a forfeit  regardless of the score. The opposite team will choose if they will start with 4 or 5 players. The points and win will count towards their respective standings but can not exceed more then 30 points. If the forfeit team is winning at the end of the half, the forfeit rule will follow, a lost minus 10 points in their respective standings.


-When a team has a 5 man roster for that game and one of their players foul out (NCAA Rules 5 Fouls), every foul after, the opposite team will get 2 technical shots AND the ball. The player who was fouled, takes the foul shots. The clock will stop until the ball is back in play. If the foul was committed while attempting a shot , ONLY 2 foul shots will be taken and if the player scores during the foul ONE shot will be taken on BOTH of these cases the offensive team will get the ball back.


Penalties and Technicals Fouls

$20 for Technical Fouls. Example: A tech can result if you 're constantly using foul language and carrying on after a strict warning and/or you’re not able to control your temper and tantrums. Keep in mind friends, wives, kids and families are attending the games. We are all professionals so please let's carry ourselves as such. Be advise that ref's are NOT require to give any warnings to settle down your imature baby tantrums.


- When a player gets a technical foul the Coach/Captian will pay the table in the begining of their following game, EXCEPT for games 9 and 10. The Player will not go back onto the court unless the penalty is paid in full.  


-If any player including Coaches pushes, shoves or makes ANY physical contact with another player, staff or fan for any reason, the aggressor will be asked to leave immediately and will not return for the remainder of our season and/or any of our future Tournaments in addition the commisioner will contact Police officials to follow up on any charges.


-When a team forfeits (no show) the forfeit team pays for that days  game referee fees and in addition their opponents referee fees as well. The referees  are scheduled for the game and need to be compensated. 2 forfeits, in one season will get your team  eliminated from the tournament.

The Clock

-The clock will start 10 minutes after a scheduled game time. That’s amp time to warm up, take shots and carry out lay up lines. Don’t waste time getting your team prepared.  examples , players not yet dressed, waiting for ref fees to be settled , or your players are running late. Use your time wisely. Once the clock starts 1 point will be added every minute that passes the team that’s ready to play with at least 4 players on the court.


-There's 3 time outs in the 1st half and 2nd half of the game. They do not carry over. In case of over time each team will get 1 time out.


-  The tournament follows a running clock format with the clock stopping in the last 2 minutes in the first, second halfs and during the overtime games. The clock will continue to run once contact with the ball is made by a player.


- The clock will reset to 5:00 minutes for overtime



BLACK shorts
and Unifrom

-The league has a BLACK shorts dress code. What does that mean?

It means players must have blacks basketball shorts to play in the league. This will be strickly enforced. If the player fails to wear the dress code of BLACK shorts, its 2 technical shots for the opposing team, this also includes not wearing the jersey provided. So, for example your player failed to wear the shorts and forgot to bring his jersey , Thats 4 technical shots.


- When a player fails to wear BLACK shorts on cosecutive games and the league feels  this individual player has no interest in cooperating with the dress code, after a reminder and/or a strick warning the commissioner reserves the right NOT to allow that individual player on the court.


-Blue, dark blue, purple or any other dark color are NOT acceptable ,black shorts means back shorts. The shorts does not necessay have to be all black, predominantly black, we are aware many basketball shorts have different color patterns and logos.


- The uniform shirts are sleeveless. Players can wear a black under shirt or black arm sleeves. No other colors will be acceptable on the court.


- Jewelry of any kind will not be allowed on the court. This includes but not limited to watches, bands, earings, chains or pendants. Safety is important and wedon't want to chance that your finger can get caught on or accidentaly scratch another player. 



*Note: The commisioner reserves the right to add or change any of the rules/regulations in cases where there's a need for more clarification and/or in order for the tournament to run smoothly.

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