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Bronx NY Basketball Tournaments


Toll Free (855) 3PT-PLAY

             (855) 378-7529



Our players have represented various agencies and organizations throughout the New York area. 3PointPlays wants to THANK YOU for your support and, more importantly, the incredible job you do for NYC.

"The fast-paced game and the competition is off the chain."


"Great to play with guys my age to keep in shape and sweat."


"Nice shirts!!" 

- Rich

"It's well organized and the All-Star game/Shooting contest  for Breast Cancer Awareness was great"


"I like the level of play and competition."


" Great Season, Good players, I'll definitely be back again,  Awesome Job JR !!! 3POINTPLAYS!!

 - Louie

"Looking forward to winning the Championship this season!  Just give me my trophy now..."

 - JB

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